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Ningbo Liaoyuan Lighting Co., Ltd.

LED street lighting systems, LED post top lights, LED high bay lights, LED tunnel lights, high mast lights, steel lig...

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    Yuyao Economic Development Zone, Ningbo, Zhejiang, China
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Company Profile
Liaoyuan Lighting is one of the most established manufacturers of street lighting systems in China. The company had been a major player and a recognized name in domestic market. In the hyper-competitive LED lighting market that is increasingly dominated by products with innovative features and inventive design, Liaoyuan Lighting unfortunately fell behind the competition. Nevertheless its decades of experience and expertise combined with a huge, fully equipped manufacturing infrastructure give the company great potential to re-energize its business, particularly in the overseas market which had been neglected during its time of glory. Economics always plays a critical part in outdoor lighting projects, Liaoyuan Lighting has the exact capabilities to deliver superior value with market sharp pricing to help customers save initial investment and energy efficiency technologies for drastically reduced operation cost.

It's suffice to say that Liaoyuan Lighting owns the industry's most vertically integrated manufacturing facility. From poles to lamps, Liaoyuan Lighting offers a complete set of in-house capabilities across the lighting value chain. Inside the company's huge manufacturing facility, experienced engineers and skilled workers maximize value creation by utilizing the leading-edge design, tooling, manufacturing, assembling and finishing capabilities. Unlike many other lighting manufacturers who are asset-light assemblers that outsource all major fixture components, Liaoyuan Lighting are equipped with a complete range of costly machinery and manufacturing systems that include full-scale tool and die facilities, punch presses with capabilities up to 1,800 tons, CNC machines, welding stations, bending centers, laser cutters, powder coating systems, SMT machines, PCBA fabrication equipment, multiple production lines, and equipment for photometric, colorimetric, electrical and environmental testing.

Through its flexible in-house operations, Liaoyuan Lighting can provide cost efficient, turnkey lighting solutions for virtually all roadway and area lighting projects. In addition to street lighting systems, Liaoyuan's product portfolio include LED post top lights, decorative area light fixtures, LED high bay lights, LED tunnel lights, high mast lights, and steel light poles. With in-house design, development and engineering, Liaoyuan can take a design to volume production with industry-leading efficiency. Vertically integrated manufacturing structure gives the company tremendous advantages in delivering highest quality products at competitive manufacturing costs.
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